Hair Dummy Hairdresser Hair Cutting Training Mannequin Doll Head -Artificial Black Hair 65 CM

SKU:Cutting hair dummy -Artificial Black 65cm (No.2)

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  • High temperature fiber Natural Brown Hair 65cm long hair hair cutting dummy
  • Can be cleaned with shampoo, dyed and also be well-trimmed.
  • Suitable for the beauty teacher and student training
  • Do not pour the boiling water on the hair.
  • Long hair training

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Product Description

Dummy type : Artificial Hair for cutting වර්ගය: හැඩගැන්වීම සහ කැපීම සඳහා කෘතිම හිසකෙස්

Hair size:  24 Inches 65 CM හිසකෙස් ප්රමාණය: අඟල් 24 65 CM

Color : Black වර්ණය: කලු

Usage : Hair cannot be crimped භාවිතය : හිසකෙස් රැලි කළ නොහැක

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