Buy Black Knight Shaving Foam CFC Free Regular & Get Amrin Bay Rum Herbal Hair Tonic Massage Tonic Hair Tonic Free

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Buy Black Knight Shaving Foam CFC Free Regular-400ml & Get Amrin Bay Rum Herbal Hair Tonic Massage Tonic Hair Tonic Free

Black Knight regular Shave Foam provides protection for your shave.
The foam hydrates your hair for easy shaving and the rich lather protects your skin
It’s lubricants provide a smooth glide.
You get a shave that’s clean and skin that’s smooth.
Available in variants : Regular

Amrin Herbal hair tonic with Bay Rum for dandruff and heaviness of head
Bay Rum Hair Tonic is a light lotion
Stimulates and invigorates the scalp to maintain and care for healthy hair Bay Rum
Hair Tonic comes with an authentic, aromatic fragrance
Derived from a warm, spicy infusion of bay leaves and cloves mellowed with sweet orange and basil oil.

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Product Description

Instructions for shaving foam
Shake the can before use
Wash face with hot water & leave wet
Remove the cap and shake well
Hold upright and hold center for top to release lather in to hands.Spread evenly over beard and shake
Rinse face with water towel dry

How to apply hair tonic?

1.       Just pour a little into your palm

2.       Rub hands together & apply to damp hair

3.       Comb the tonic through the damp hair to distribute the product evenly and then style

4.       You can reactivate the tonic by wetting the hair with more tonic or water

හිසකෙස් ටොනික් යොදන්නේ කෙසේද?

1.       ඔබේ අත්ලට ටිකක් වත් කරන්න

2.       දෑත් එකට අතුල්ලා තෙත් හිසකෙස් මත ආලේප කරන්න

3.       නිෂ්පාදිතය ඒකාකාරව බෙදා හැරීමට තෙත් හිසකෙස් හරහා ටොනික් පීරන්නඉන්පසු මෝස්තර කරන්න

4.       වැඩිපුර ටොනික් හෝ ජලය සමග හිසකෙස් තෙත් කිරීමෙන් ටොනික් නැවත සක්රිය කළ හැකිය

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