100% Eco Friendly Kithul Palm Wood Batter Spoon Cake Spoon, Coconut Shell Spoon, Wooden Spoon(Width 3 Inches X Height 12 Inches)

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Kithul Palm Wood Batter Spoon (Width 3 Inches X Height 12 Inches) Price USD 1
Made out of Kithul wood.
100% eco friendly, safe, non-toxic, and long-lasting.
Manufactured 100% locally.

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Product Description

These Batter Spoons are made out of Kithul palm wood, Kithul Wood is a very unique wood that ensures anything made out of it lasts for generations. This type of spoon usually is used when dealing with non-stick equipment to protect the nonstick layer of the pans. It’s easy to handle and heat resistant. A most important aspect of this spoon is, that it is safe to use when comparing with its silicon or plastic counterparts which can cause a lot of damage to the human body.
The ecofriendly qualities and the stylish look suits a modern kitchen. Batter Spoons are made by highly skilled Sri Lankan craftsmen using a variety of cutting tools. Polished to get the perfect shine.

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